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Acrylic paint - used Chromacryl and Mont Marte.
Cut out a stencil of a lotus then used a sponge to apply paint. Afterwards used a paint brush to fix any mistakes and clean it up.
White cloth for the 'sunset' lotus's (yellow, red, orange)
Standard flat primed canvas for the 'evening' lotus (purple, blue, maroon on mettalic green, gold and silver background)
Happiness can be a way of life
One of my mother's kitten fell asleep on my little sisters lap in a towel. This was it's face the entire time.

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Enemy One

Me and my comrades in arms were chilling in our home which is a giant cavern near the mountains, which earned the name the cave of nightmares. No fault of our own we had a couple of prankster wizards who were with us that created illusions of dragons and such to scare aware tax collectors. Turns out gossip is like wild fire. Oh well. The wizards left to seek higher powers and we stayed to drink, party and save those we deem worth saving, like children. Most of them stayed with us because they had no idea how to get home or didn't want to go back because they liked it hear.

We went from having 20 men to 150. It's not easy paying for food for our lot and there is only so much fishing and hunting you can do in the surrounding area before the population of edible creatures diminishes. So we had to resort to stealing and were given the names of bandits. They were asking for 5 gold pieces for an apple. A fucking apple. So now we have bounties on our heads. Fantastic. I hear a shouting down the entrance of the cavern. "Enemies approaching" someone yells. "Well how fucking many?" I scream out. "I see 5 boss".....are you fucking kidding me...5enemies? The balls on these men must be courageous. "Boss there is 2 men and 3 women attacking". Well shit women are scary by themselves let alone in a pack.

Well fuck it. "Take them out quickly" I yell. I unsheathe my sword when I  catch movement out of the corner of my eye. A reddish brown fox humanoid creature sneaking around taking out my comrades from behind. "There is more than 5! Watch your backs, they have snuck in from behind!" I run towards the fox creature when I hear a THWACK! And feel as though someone has punched me in the right shoulder.

Looking down I see an arrow embedded in my shoulder plate. What the....Where the fuck did that come from? I feel a slight stinging sensation from beneath the arrow. Whoever shot it has some goddamn power. I look up and the fox thing has moved on to two of my comrades in a face off and with an arrow pointing straight at me is an Elf. Well fuck me I got shot by an Elf AND FUCKING SURVIVED! I'll be damned. Still these bastards need to leave, its our place and I'll be damned if this measly group comes in here to take down the 150 of us.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" I shout at the Elf as I walk towards her, sword drawn. "And why the fuck are you in our territory?" She looses another arrow, this time it misses, but only just, it scrapes my left shoulder between my armour. The scratch stings, I'm kind of happy she missed otherwise I would be seriously thinking about praying to whichever god would listen.

"Watch out!" Someone yells to my right as I see something shiny come swinging at me. I duck in time to see a great sword swing where my neck just was. Well Shit, here I thought we could try and be diplomatic. I guess not. As I stand upright to face the sword wielding asshole I position myself to keep the elf in my vision. I will not be taken out with my back to the enemy. No fucking way.

The asshole in shiny armour and big sword looks at me and says "By the light of Lythandor, I ask for your strength to defeat my foe and I will pray for all who have fallen this day." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? A PALADIN. I think I'm up shit creek without a paddle mate if I am versing a Paladin and an Elf. Who else is in this goddamn group? A witch? A demon? A fucking unicorn? By the gods I think I'm screwed but I will not show weakness.

"Hey asshole, why are you and your posse here? We did nothing to you or your group" I put on my most blank facial expression. Give nothing away, don't let them know you're freaking out. "We were commissioned by the lords of the closest town to take out you thieving bandits so that the towns people may live in peace" the chaos of steal on steal clashing around the cavern. "Leave us be, we need to eat just as you and the wretched lords of that town are greedy. We have saved many children, children which they were going to use as slaves!" I growl at him. Stuck up bastards.

"Enough of your lies and die with dignity" the Paladin yells as he swings his sword. I deflect with my own when I hear another THWACK! Well fuck I forgot about the elf. My back stings and I feel as though my body is covered in rocks all of a sudden. I parry another blow but the shock through my sword vibrates throughout my body. No this cannot be the end.

THWACK! I stumble and land on my knees. Pain is spreading throughout my back followed by a strange sense of numbness. I'm finding it hard to breathe. "You assholes" I manage to say as darkness and the numbness engulfs my body and sight. "And by the holy light of Lythandor......" the Paladin's voice trails off in the surrounding nothingness.
D 'n' D story
Created this for a bit of laughs. Have written it from enemies perspective. was based of a game I played a while back


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I can be completely random. . My nicknames include Nik, Nikki, Elf, P13 (Project 13), jinn and a lot more. I don't mind it. I enjoy seeing people use they're imaginations because you see soo much happiness in the dark bleak world
It's a cruel world at the moment.
In 2016 I started a new job, at the end of 2016 I lost my job.
Now I feel destroyed and as though I am being pulled apart from the inside.
My body is filled with anxiety all the time. I break down crying a lot.
In front of people I pretend I'm alright because why should they worry about me? They had as bad of a year as I did with close relationships failing and by being screwed over by the system of so called life.
Would it be easier if I just ended it? For me it would but by doing that I would leave my love alone and broken, my mother and siblings in perpetual grief and anger.
I hang on only by a thread most days, but I am still hanging on.
I have stopped drawing and designing all together now, the colours and spark of imagination missing from my body.
I feel cold and sad and alone most days but I still hang on.
It can get better. I hope it gets better.
I tried seeing doctors but the medication makes it worse.
I tried talking to people but they ignore it or say "stop thinking like that and just think of it this way" or "you'll get over it".
I wish I could control the dark thoughts that creep into my mind, the cold loneliness that they bring.
I know I'm going through a 'rough patch'. I know it will all pass over but how long do I have to struggle and fight through it?
Will it really be worth it in the end?
  • Listening to: Dylan play warframe
  • Reading: my own D&D story that I am writing
  • Drinking: water


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